All is Lost

All is Lost; a simple movie about a simple sailor crossing the ocean by himself when things go wrong.

This is one of those stories that, in the end, has me asking a lot of questions; what if he put up his storm sail before he shaved? Could he have done a better repair job? Could I have done a better repair job given the conditions? This is how an intriguing movie should be. Something that makes you think and ask questions the next day.

We know very little about Robert Redford’s character as the sailor. But; being a sailor myself, I know the boat, an older Cal-38 which is tired and getting on in years, is typically going to be owned by someone who is not a super-star ocean-crossing survivalist sailor. He’s just a “Joe Sailor”.

Joe Sailor is a person who’s not always going to be up on all the maintenance and doesn’t always know everything about sailing. He knows enough. He’s a casual sailor. And Robert Redford, the actor, nails the part as a Joe Sailor.  But my curiosity questions; did he nail the part because in real life he isn’t a sailor and therefore his fumbling’s made him seem more like a real-life Joe Sailor? OR…as an actor, was that exactly what he was targeting the part to come across as? I’d love to know! (R.R. You want to answer this one?)

As a sailor myself, there were many scenes that had me at the edge of my seat…literally. I know what dangers he was in and what the consequences might be. But I’m curious if non-sailors are all but lost because they don’t know the reasons why he’s doing things and what’s probably going to happen. Or are they just entertained by the simple man against sea story telling? Either way, for the sailor it’s a must see, and if you’re a Robert Redford fan, it’s also a must see.