Midnight Screeches; Just Released!

screeches_of_midnight_loresWell, honestly it’s been out for about a month now, but that’s still fairly recent.

There are several things that inspired me to write this, but the main thing was something that kept nagging at me. A place where we vacation up in Maine, is a site to an old B-52 crash site. Each time I’ve walked through the debris of aircraft parts it got my brain spinning; what if this was something my main character, Fisher Shoemaker came across many years later? It could be turned into a really great adventure story! So that’s what I did, step by step, little by little, I evolved an adventure story revolving around that plane crash.

What is my favorite part of the book? I would have to say where the kids are bombing around in the woods in an old Army Surplus Jeep. That’s something I did as a kid when I was working as a camp counselor. My bunk-mate had an old drab olive Army jeep without a muffler, and on our days off we’d explore all the logging roads throughout the woods. Great memories!

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!




Book Report


Here’s Luke with his cereal-box book report on The Boat Thief. Thanks Luke!!

Kids, send us your photos just like Luke and we’ll send you an ebook copy of Fisher’s next adventure when it’s finished later this spring called Screeches of Midnight. Just message us on the Boat Thief Facebook page where to send your photo.