Midnight Screeches; Just Released!

screeches_of_midnight_loresWell, honestly it’s been out for about a month now, but that’s still fairly recent.

There are several things that inspired me to write this, but the main thing was something that kept nagging at me. A place where we vacation up in Maine, is a site to an old B-52 crash site. Each time I’ve walked through the debris of aircraft parts it got my brain spinning; what if this was something my main character, Fisher Shoemaker came across many years later? It could be turned into a really great adventure story! So that’s what I did, step by step, little by little, I evolved an adventure story revolving around that plane crash.

What is my favorite part of the book? I would have to say where the kids are bombing around in the woods in an old Army Surplus Jeep. That’s something I did as a kid when I was working as a camp counselor. My bunk-mate had an old drab olive Army jeep without a muffler, and on our days off we’d explore all the logging roads throughout the woods. Great memories!

Hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!




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